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Throwback Cuts! #NotEvenThursday #CanYourFavoriteDjDoThis #Simple

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I’m a man of many talents and I love all forms of art! My NYC is a place of so much free expression from colorful abstract graffiti to modern and contemporary mosaic pieces! Shoutout artists like @kelseymontagueart inspiring us to reach for #WhatLiftsYou !!

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I’ve seen them thrive, I’ve seen em fall.. Even ones that still exist that are on their last leg! If it’s not an even distribution, It will never Work! If you feel like people aren’t carrying their weight, you all work as a team to get those people caught up! Because “there’s no I in TEAM!!” #Knowledge

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Yo @JAyxxclusive, my brother from HC days, From Brassiere Creole Days!!! You and @djkingzae have NOTHING to worry about!!! Spellings Nov 7th

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My Cockpit…. 😎 #goodmorning

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Not today!!

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